Jan 11

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Equinox ZONE IDO Participation Process

Be sure to sign up before 14 Jan 2021

Get ready for round two, Equinauts!

The Project


Algorand Opt-in

Opting in to receive assets is easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

About the ZONE Pools

This initial access for Summer NFT holders and lottery winners will open at 11:00 UTC.

ZONE IDO Summary

Step-by-Step Guide

In order to increase trust and fairness in the Equinox platform, we need to uniquely identify you and your email address. Please prepare your passport or ID card.

How-to Video for Setting up an Algorand Wallet

Congratulations! You’ve taken part in the ZONE Equinox IDO. You’re an early adopter of an epic project and have become an important part of crypto history!

Equinox IDO Launch FAQs

What is the difference between the participation round and pool openings?

Can I pay in ALGO, other tokens, or stablecoins?

Why is the network listed as BSC?

Where can I buy the NFTs to participate in the launch?

What is the minimum/maximum buy amount? What is the participation limit?

Is there a whitelisting requirement?

Which countries are banned?

When will I receive the tokens? What is the lockup period?

The raise is on BSC; how will I receive the tokens in my Algorand wallet?

Can I pay for the tokens with any wallet address?

Is there any way to participate without holding the Equinox NFTs?


Find out more about ZONE at:

About Equinox