DopeWarZ Launching on Equinox

The First Deal-to-Earn Metaverse Game on BSC

Are you ready for another launch, Equinauts? This next one is an old-school gaming classic that has been reimagined on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Nox finds the most significant disruptors and creators to bring to the Equinox community, helping everybody thrive and move toward a better tomorrow.

Her search for new, frontier-breaking projects has unearthed another unique Play-to-Earn NFT gaming platform, and we’re excited to give it the exposure it needs to succeed.

The latest find: DopeWarZ.

The Project

DopeWarZ is a Binance Smart Chain MMO gaming experience, where you virtually buy and sell drugs to create and expand your drug empire, increase your influence across different CityZ and BlockZ, and upgrade your in-game characters (DopeZ) and Drug Operational FacilitieZ (DOZ).

The game takes inspiration from the original Dope Wars (1998) and Drug Lord (1991) games, where through buying and selling drugs, you use the market arbitrage present in different districts to maximize profits. Essentially, you are aiming to buy drugs at a low price and sell them at a higher price.

The Gameplay

Instead of Play-to-Earn gaming, DopeWarZ brings Deal-to-Earn gaming to its users. Players (distributors) can create their drug empires by purchasing NFT land BlockZ from the marketplace and setting up a DOZ, staffed with different NFT DopeZ characters.

You’ll have to keep an eye out for law enforcement and rival gangs, but as the money rolls in, you’ll be able to upgrade your DopeZ and DOZ, pay off the feds, and ultimately expand your empire.

To differ from the original Dope Wars, DopeWarZ will use a top-down pixelated 2D environment to showcase the simulations happening on screen, so players can visualize the beautiful drug- and gang-infested world of DopeWarZ in real time.

In the future, mini-games like casinos, car racing, and poker will also be added to the platform, expanding your options of things to do inside the DopeWarZ metaverse.

Two-Token System

DopeWarZ uses a two-token system to separate platform governance and staking from in-game transactions.

DirtyDollarz ($DDZ) is a token with an uncapped supply used to handle in-game transactions. This is the token you’ll use to pay and upgrade your DopeZ, develop your drug operations, buy raw materials, and pay bribes or fines. $DDZ will be burned for every transaction of the in-game economy to keep the supply from getting out of control.

You can also convert your $DDZ into the DRUG token ($DRUG) by “laundering” it. $DRUG is the platform token used for staking and governance. $DRUG lets people play the game as well as shape the overall development. You can also use $DRUG to purchase and improve BlockZ, the NFT property of the game.

The Opportunities

DopeWarZ is a comprehensive metaverse experience, paying homage to 90s computer game classics. It combines the nostalgia of childhood gaming with excellent Deal-to-Earn opportunities via NFTs. You can purchase BlockZ and earn passive income from the land’s raw materials, or upgrade your BlockZ and DopeZ to resell in the marketplace for a profit.

You can stake your $DRUG tokens to earn more and help shape the game’s future, or convert it to another crypto on an exchange and use it to pay bills. DopeWarZ is a fun and fantastic way to expand your financial opportunities.

The Equinox Launch Mission

Projects like DopeWarZ take the potential of crypto to new heights with exciting new use cases and fun user experiences. This cutting-edge technology propels society forward and motivates us to act as incubators and supporters for disruptive, world-changing ideas.

We’re maximizing humankind’s full potential for growth by teaming up with other visionaries in the real-world crypto space and creating virtual spaces that combine music, art, technology, and blockchain education.

Please join us for the live launch event. Stay tuned to our social media channels, as we’ll be releasing more information soon.

A new season is upon us. We hope you’re ready.

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